Healthy Living

Here you’ll find different advices which together with exercise can be helping YOU to maximizing you health and to live a life full of energy and positive spirit.

We consist of body, mind and spirit so I’ll try to post things that can help enhance each one of them.

I’ll only post things that science has confirmed – but I’ll also research who is behind the science and evaluate if there are conflict of interests in their facts!! Today you can get science to support anything almost as there are economic interests which tries to limit holistic health but only look on one _small_ aspect. I believe in holistic health.

Eg.: An example are wine…many postulates even some science that wine is healthy. Now partyly it’s true…BUT the part that is healthy is the grapes used in wine. The alcohol part is not healthy. It’s an example of where science singles out one part of the whole product and the postulates it’s healthy. That’s NOT good science!

You have to look at holistic health!!

The 8 Natural Laws of a Healthy Life:

N = Nutrition
E = Excercise
W = Water

S = Sunlight
T = Temperance
A = Air
R = Rest
T = Trust in devine Power

which gives you a: NEW START 😉

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